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Visiting hours

From Saturday to Sunday, from 17:00 to 21:30 (last entry).


Adults € 13,00
Kids (from 11 to 13 years old) € 11,00
Kids (from 5 to 10 years old) € 8,00
Wheelchair disability Free
Groups of at least 10 people € 11 ,00 each

Families with more than one minor will benefit from a free child entrance.

Agreements can be signed with schools, public bodies and communities.

Minors under 11 must necessarily be accompanied by an adult.

How can I buy tickets?

You can also buy your tickets directly at the Museum.
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Educational offer

IllusionVille is a special place where to discover stunning optical illusions while interacting with them.

For each attraction, the visitors will find themselves catapulted into a reality which will astonish the eye and mind, and then, with the help of our guides, they will be able to penetrate the spirit of the illusion and understand its essence.

Our offer consists of a didactic path, mainly based on optical illusions, also thought to be suitable for educational school trips contemplated for each Institute by the ministerial programs. As it is known, an optical illusion consists of any phenomenon that makes our visual apparatus perceive something that does not exist or exists in a different way from how it is perceived.

In our path – guided and reasoned – there will be proper optical illusions, independent from our perceptual system, perceptive illusions, due to the physiology of the visual system, and cognitive illusions, due to the interpretation of visual stimuli operated by the brain.

The Staff, who will guide the visit,  will take care of explaining the principles underlying each illusion as well as the historical notes on their experimentation.

It is an unconventional experience, conceived to combine didactic and playful aspects, the acquisition of new knowledge and fun, in order to stimulate curiosity and motivation to learn, ranging from psychology to physics, from optics to geometry, with an approach that, from time to time, is adapted to the age and previous knowledge of the Students.

Upon request, it will be possible to organize educational workshops where experiments, tests and games will be presented, with which Students will be able to try their hand.

Visiting hours

Saturday to Sunday

from 05:00pm to 09:30pm

Where we are

Via Giorgio Rizzo, 106

98057, Milazzo (ME)

(+39) 090 9414140