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Are you ready for this new adventure?

Inaugurated in 2020, IllusionVille is a special place where you’ll discover and interact with stunning optical illusions.

For each attraction, you’ll find yourself catapulted into a reality that, first of all, will amaze your eyes and and your mind too, but then, with the help of our guides, you will be able to penetrate the spirit of illusion understanding its essence. You will pleasantly realize that interactivity and first-person exploration are the leitmotiv of our Museum,  where, passing from one room to another, your eyes and your senses will be enchanted by what you’ll see.

A fascinating world that will make you doubt any certainty!

Our promise is to offer you an incredibly unique experience: here at Illusionville nothing is as it seems! We are sure that at the end of your stay, you will take away, not only a different approach to illusions, as a natural method of investigation of the surrounding universe, but above all, a general openness to reality, of which, like the two-faced Janus, you will be curious to explore every perspective.

If it is true that often the careless observer judges and looks at the world in a short-sighted way, then our aim, through a playful and amusing approach, is precisely to stimulate a reflection on the concept of the diversity of points of view.

Perceptions to be discovered
Rooms to explore to learn

Illusionville is a transversal reality which, in an interactive, engaging and entertaining way, is actually open to everyone: children, young people, parents, couples, elders. Therefore, a perfect, unusual and exciting place for all generations.

We are certain you can’t not get interested in an intriguing visual, sensorial and educational experience, unique in the territory.
The authenticity and originality of the installations will leave you speechless.

Our structure is in fact equipped, in relation to some attractions, with stations that will allow you, while becoming “integral part” of the illusion, to take fantastic photos to share on your social networks.

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Orari di visita/Visit Hours
Aperto Venerdì, Sabato dalle 15.30 alle 19.00 (ultimo ingresso) e Domenica dalle 15:30 alle 19:30 (ultimo ingresso). Open Friday, Saturday from 15:30 to 19:00 last entry and Sunday from 15:30 to 19:30 last entry.
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Via Giorgio Rizzo, 106 | 98057, Milazzo (ME)
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